Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yargh! There be gardens in the Terrace!

A hearty congrats to Gerry and Pat Brown for the recognition of their garden in the Star! Be sure to look through the great photos!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

East Side Rotary Club

I want to take just a minute to thank Jennifer and the East Side Rotary Club for inviting Irvington Terrace Neighborhood Crime Watch to speak to their group about the Neighborwoods Grant.
I think it is necessary that all of the east side groups that are working towards the same goal, start working together.
This is the first step in the right direction!

Thanks again Jennifer and the East Side Rotary Club!

For more information on the East Side Rotary Club, please email and we will forward your information on to the right person.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Improving on a Good Thing: Communication

If you’ve been to an IT crime watch meeting, you’ve probably heard us say that we’ve tweaked the crime watch model to fit the needs of our community. For example, we have monthly meetings (instead of every 6 months) and all residents are invited (instead of just block captains).

One of our block captains had a great idea that we’re implementing this month: Rather than sticking with the hierarchical model in which a resident reports an incident to the block captain to then reports it to the coordinators, all block captains can now also report the incident (anonymously, of course—by street and hundred block) to each other. This will enable captains to alert their blocks to watch for suspicious activity.

We think this is a great idea because it will help us all stay better informed.

Positive, constructive ideas for improving our neighborhood are welcome. Post them here!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

One day, two meetings

Net Literacy will build our website--something that the co-coordinators of the IT Crime Watch have yet to find the time or talent to accomplish. Yesterday we spoke to a room full of high-schoolers who asked insightful questions about what our neighborhood wants out of a website. We told them we want it to appeal to both current and potential residents. We want to be able to point realtors to tangible evidence that this is a great place to live.

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful held a grant workshop for the NeighborWoods tree-planting project that we think might work along Washington Street. Aside from potentially calming the traffic, we see the trees as a possible "screen" to block the passing motorists' view of the hookers on the sidewalk (assuming enterprising prostitutes don't use the trees for pole dancing).

We'd like to hear from Irvington Terrace residents. We need your ideas for the website and we want to hear your vision for our neighborhood. Take a look at the Keep Indianapolis Beautiful website and let us know what you'd like to see on your street. Do you know of other initiatives that we can leverage? Post them here!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Welcome to the Irvington Terrace blog!

Hi Neighbors,

We decided it would be helpful to have one location to talk about creating positive change in Irvington Terrace.

Irvington Terrace is the area on US 40 east of Arlington Ave. in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was incorporated as part of Indianapolis in 1913.

This blog is an opportunity for concerned residents (and our neighbors) to create solutions to some of the problems that vex urban areas. The focus will be on solutions--positive commerce, beautification, and creating a sense of community--because we're pretty sure we've identified the problems!

If you have ideas you'd like to share, feel free. This will be an open forum for positive, creative thinking.