Wednesday, June 20, 2007

One day, two meetings

Net Literacy will build our website--something that the co-coordinators of the IT Crime Watch have yet to find the time or talent to accomplish. Yesterday we spoke to a room full of high-schoolers who asked insightful questions about what our neighborhood wants out of a website. We told them we want it to appeal to both current and potential residents. We want to be able to point realtors to tangible evidence that this is a great place to live.

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful held a grant workshop for the NeighborWoods tree-planting project that we think might work along Washington Street. Aside from potentially calming the traffic, we see the trees as a possible "screen" to block the passing motorists' view of the hookers on the sidewalk (assuming enterprising prostitutes don't use the trees for pole dancing).

We'd like to hear from Irvington Terrace residents. We need your ideas for the website and we want to hear your vision for our neighborhood. Take a look at the Keep Indianapolis Beautiful website and let us know what you'd like to see on your street. Do you know of other initiatives that we can leverage? Post them here!


laura said...

I would like to see some of the history of Irvington Terrace- the original builders, founders, longtime residents, old photos of our homes. Also a place for neighborhood events- high school events, garage sales, church functions, lost/found pets, etc. Good job on starting the blog!

Irvington Terrace said...

I love this idea! Could we get this information from Steve Barnett? Also, maybe (not sure) we could put scanned copies of the Webster Avenue Club minutes on the blog. Maybe even the website once it is built. Love, love, love the idea of using this as an information site for upcoming events!
Rock on Laura!

Katz said...

When I bought our house we received the original property abstract going back to when President McKinley granted the whole SE of Indiana to John Kitley. Let me get that stuff scanned over the next few days.

Andrea said...

Pole dancing - hilarious! :D

Keep up the good work IT! You are setting an example for all Irvington Residents about what unity in action can do!

Irvington Terrace said...

Thanks Andrea! IT is a fantastic place to live...we have the best neighbors!